The Village Green Building

This three story brick building, Nashville's only skyscraper, was built in 1910 and is one of the largest buildings in Brown County. Originally, the building housed the Masons and Eagles lodge in the two lodge halls on the third floor. The Masonic letters are still mounted on the front of the building. Doctors' offices were housed on the second floor and a hardware store occupied the first floor during the earliest years of the building.

In 1960, the Masonic Lodge moved to a new location and in 1967 the building was sold to the Walter Miller family. After his retirement Walter and June Miller established a gift and antique store on the second floor. In 1977, Frank Miller established The Candy Dish and Richard Miller established Miller's Ice Cream House. Frank Miller then opened The Harvest Preserve in 1980. The second and third floors now serve as galleries and teaching studios for some of Nashville's best artists. As you will find, The Village Green Building has more creative hands at work than any other place in Nashville.

Street Level

Miller's Ice cream

Homemade and frozen ice cream made the old fashioned way with ice and salt right in the store.

(812) 988-0815

The Harvest Preserve

Homemade Apple, Peach, Pumpkin, and Apricot Butters cooked in a copper kettle in our store.

(812) 988-7606

The Candy Dish

Homemade fudge and other candies cooked in a copper kettle and cooled on our marble tables.

(812) 988-7606

Second Floor

Ferrer Gallery

Contemporary and traditional oils, mixed media, tribal art, illustrations sculpture, and classes.


Darcy Design Company

Pixel perfect graphic and website design. Specialists on brand identity and strategy.

(812) 720-4272

Barb Brooke Davis

Specializing in using overdyed vintage wool and embellishments to create wall art, pillows, theme stockings.


Renting space at The Village Green Building

If you would like to enquire about renting retail or studio space in The Village Green Building, please call us at 812-988-7606 during regular business hours.

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